New Year’s Resolutions for Rancho Santa Fe Home Sellers

2021 is shaping up to be an excellent year to sell your Rancho Santa Fe home. The housing market is hot, and luxury homes are in high demand. But selling a luxury home – especially during a pandemic – requires a different approach than what you might take with a more moderately priced home. So if you’re gearing up to sell your luxury Rancho Santa Fe home in 2021, consider making these resolutions so your home sells quickly and for top dollar.

Understand your home’s unique features

One thing that stands out about Rancho Santa Fe homes is that many of them are one-of-a-kind. The question is — what makes yours unique? Does your wine cellar accommodate a sizable collection? Is your home security system state-of-the-art? Does your outdoor living space rival that of a luxury resort? Knowing what is special about your home plays an important role in getting it ready to sell. Your home’s unique features are the ones you’ll want to pay extra attention to and highlight when it comes time to sell.

Understand your buyers

Knowing what kinds of buyers your home may attract will help you tailor a plan that targets them specifically. Many affluent buyers are seeking out places like Rancho Santa Fe because of the privacy, safety, natural landscape, proximity to the beach and major cities, and the abundance of community amenities that it offers. Some may be looking for a sanctuary outside the city where they can safely school their kids from home. Others may be entrepreneurs who need ample space to work from home but may also still be spending time commuting. And still, others may simply be looking for a peaceful place to get away from it all – and play a few rounds of golf. Understanding your home’s unique features will help you determine what kinds of buyers may be interested in your home so you can focus your efforts.

Get comfortable with a virtual experience

Safety is a top priority when selling your home. You want to stay safe, and you want potential buyers to stay safe as well. Because of the pandemic, much of the real estate process has moved online. From virtual tours to closing day, nearly every aspect of the real estate process can be completed virtually. Educating yourself about this “new normal” can help alleviate some of the anxiety you may feel when it comes time to list your home.

Know your home’s value

Pricing a luxury home is both art and science. After all, your luxury Rancho Santa Fe home is like no other, so you can’t rely entirely on comps to help determine the price. Are you curious about your Rancho Santa Fe home’s value? Then visit our website for a comprehensive report. It requires little more than your address, less than a minute of your time, and we provide it at no cost to you.

Contact the Lucy Kelts collection

If you’re selling your luxury Rancho Santa Fe home in 2021, then make a resolution to work with the best real estate professionals in the area. Contact the Lucy Kelts Collection today at 858-775-8843 or [email protected] to get started. We’re always available to answer all your questions and create a plan to meet your individual needs.

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