What Luxury Buyers Are Looking For Right Now

As we head into another year of staying at home as much as possible, it’s changing the way we look at where we live. Our homes have become our sanctuaries. And many luxury buyers are now looking to upgrade their living spaces during the COVID era and beyond. As a seller of a Rancho Santa Fe home, it’s important to know what luxury buyers are looking for right now. It will help you to strategize your listing to quickly find the perfect buyer. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the most-requested features from today’s high-end homebuyers.

Luxurious home offices

It should come as no surprise that top-of-the-line home offices are top-of-mind for today’s luxury buyers. With so many of us working from home, it’s important to have a home office space that caters to your needs and provides privacy when needed. Buyers are looking for spacious home offices with upscale finishes like large windows with beautiful views, ample storage, and wood paneling. Many are also looking for workspaces that are clearly separated from the main living areas.

Health-centered amenities

The pandemic has made us all hyper-aware of our health and wellness. We’re doing as much as we can both inside and outside our homes to keep ourselves, our families, and our neighbors safe during these unprecedented times. For this reason, many buyers are looking for features that focus on health and wellness. This includes finishes that are easy to clean and disinfect and touchless appliances. Home gyms are also very popular as people are looking for alternatives to gym memberships or a place to privately exercise with a trainer.

Eco-friendly features

Even luxury buyers care about utility bills. More time spent at home means higher utility costs. This is why homes with eco-friendly features are even more popular with buyers right now. Buyers may be looking for amenities such as tankless water heaters, high-quality windows, solar panels, and high-grade insulation.

Ample outdoor living space

Here in Rancho Santa Fe, we have the unique privilege of being able to enjoy our outdoor living spaces nearly every day of the year. With so much time spent at home, luxury buyers also want ample outdoor living space right now. Having a large piece of private land to enjoy can be a saving grace when we are trying to isolate. Other outdoor amenities are popular as well, such as outdoor kitchens, luxury pools and spas, and cozy living and dining areas for enjoying meals and conversation under the stars.

Excellent home security

Finally, home security has become a top priority for today’s luxury homebuyers. Privacy is more important than ever, and buyers want to make sure they feel safe and secure at home. They are looking for the latest in smart home technology that allows them to quickly and easily set up security systems that can be monitored from many devices and locations.

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