Home Buying Etiquette – What Not To Say When Touring a Home for Sale

Knowing what you want in a Rancho Santa Fe home is crucial when you’re buying. After all, how will you know you’ve found what you’re looking for if you don’t know what you want? However, saying exactly what’s on your mind during a home tour is something you should avoid. Whether you love the home – or hate it – your opinions can make their way back to the seller. And there are certain things that can make your chances tough if you put in an offer. When you’re touring homes for sale in Rancho Santa Fe, these are the things you should avoid saying until you’ve left the home.

“It’s everything I’ve ever wanted!”

We understand how exciting it can be when you’ve finally found the home of your dreams. But it’s best to contain your enthusiasm while you’re looking at the home – save it for the car ride home. If you let the seller know how much you love their home, then you can make it difficult to negotiate a better price or other contingencies down the line.

“I need to close right away”

We know that some buyers have a sense of urgency when they’re looking for a home. Whether you’re relocating for work or simply excited to finally buy a luxurious second home, you shouldn’t reveal your need to close right away. Much like stating how much you love the home, your urgent need to move quickly can hurt your ability to bargain with the seller.

“I hate the…”

This should go without saying, but you should definitely keep it to yourself if there’s something about the home you truly dislike. It’s entirely possible that your words could insult the seller. Even if you’re touring the home alone, there’s always the possibility that a video doorbell or a smart home assistant could record your comments. 

“The seller is asking too much money”

The pandemic has certainly impacted the real estate market, and sellers continue to be in an enviable position. But it doesn’t mean that you should make comments about the home being overpriced during your tour – even if it is. Since demand continues to be high and many buyers are often putting in offers on the same house and causing bidding wars, you could lose out if your comment makes it back to the seller.

“Why is the house for sale?”

You may have a natural curiosity about why the seller is putting their home on the market. But it’s a faux pas to ask. Maybe they simply want to cash in on a hot market. Or perhaps they’ve recently experienced a painful life event that makes moving a must. Whatever the reason, it’s not appropriate to ask. You don’t want to be known as the nosy buyer, especially if the seller gets other offers on the home.

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