What Is My Rancho Santa Fe Home Worth?

We are in a seller’s market. Although the global pandemic has wreaked havoc on many aspects of life, the housing market remains strong. In fact, real estate is poised to help bring our economy out of the pandemic-induced recession. Buyers are flocking to the market, ready to take advantage of record-low interest rates. They’re also looking for more space and luxury, which Rancho Santa Fe has in spades. However, as a seller, you may have some questions about putting your home on the market. The number one question we usually get from potential sellers is – what is my Rancho Santa Fe home worth? Let’s take a closer look at how value is determined for luxury homes.

Pricing a luxury home is an art

Pricing a traditional home is fairly straightforward. You look at recently sold homes that are similar in size and quality and find out how much they sold for. But pricing homes in the luxury market takes more skill and intuition. After all, luxury homes in Rancho Santa Fe aren’t cookie-cutter properties. They each offer a different combination of unique, luxury features, making them incomparable. When pricing a luxury home, we look at many factors including the desirability of the location, the lot size, the condition of the home, and even its pedigree. We also take into account the motivation of the seller and their expectations.

It’s about connections

The pool of potential buyers for a luxury home can be much smaller than for a more moderately-priced home. For that reason, it’s essential to work with an agent who has connections. Knowing who the luxury buyers are is key. Our team has been serving Rancho Santa Fe buyers and sellers for many years and we have our finger on the pulse of this exclusive and eclectic community. We will bring our extensive Rolodex and our “A” game to the table.

Timing is key

Timing is also important in the luxury real estate market. Finding the right match for a custom Rancho Santa Fe home can take time. Fortunately, the timing could not be better than it is right at this moment. There is a shortage of inventory in the market, and buyers are eager to find just the right homes for them. Chances are, your home will be the perfect fit for a buyer who is actively looking.

Consider offering perks

If you really want your Rancho Santa Fe home to stand out, then consider offering some perks. Does your home have any custom furnishings that truly elevate the space, such as a grand piano or a hand-carved dining table? Then think about including them as a bonus with the sale. It could be just the competitive edge that you need.

Find out what your home is worth

Would you like to find out the value of your Rancho Santa Fe home? Then simply plug in your address on our website, answer some simple questions, and get an estimate of your home’s worth in less than a minute. The cost is free and there is no obligation.

Work with an expert

The most critical aspect of pricing your luxury Rancho Santa Fe home is working with an expert in the market. Contact the Lucy Kelts Collection today at 858-775-8843 or [email protected]. We are always available to answer your questions and work closely with you every step of the way.

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