Trump's Country Estate Without the Bling

House Statuesque but Sedate

Not everyone that carries the family name is as extravagant as Donald Trump.  His sister-in-law, Blaine Trump, lives a more subdued lifestyle in semi rural Dutchess County.  She has recently listed her home in Milburn, New York for $17.5 million.  She may no longer be considered part of the Trump family since she divorced Donald Trump’s brother back in 2009 when her husband ran off with his secretary.
Blaine Trump had indicated that she considered this house her home, but then her former husband moved into a place nearby with his new wife.  Whether this prompted her putting the house up for sale is unknown, but the house has recently been listed for $17.5 million.  The Greek Revival Mansion forms the main house on a 200 acre farm.  There are 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in the mansion.  The estate has a swimming pool, a tennis court, barns, a carriage house, and two private ponds.
The house was originally built in the Civil War era and moved to its current site at the top of a hill in 1990.  The house retains much of its ornamentation from an earlier time, but it has been modernized to include such features as a media room.
The region abounds in high priced estates that often come with extensive acreage.  The area is bucolic in nature although the farms here are far from the typical sort of enterprise that typifies most agricultural regions.  Rather they are spreads owned by gentleman farmers who do not make most of their money from farming.  Instead, they are investors, financiers, developers, and high level executives.

Trump Name a Natural in Real Estate

Blaine Trump is not likely to enter into real estate no matter what happens with the sale.  She is more concerned with social activities than making deals.  The Trump name however is still world renowned in real estate much to the consternation of many New Yorkers.  Old line inhabitants can recall a list of Manhattan based developers such as Tisch, Stern, Rose, and Rudin that were well known in real estate circles around the world.  The only name still recognized at the level of those former giants is Trump.
His television show keeps him in the spotlight, and the man has a knack for making news through outrageous statements and positions.  Trump is certainly no wallflower when it comes to real estate.  He claims to be building buildings all over the world.  Anything with the Trump name on it becomes high profile.
Not that things have always gone his way in real estate.  In the early 90’s, things became so desperate in his real estate empire that he came close to having to declare bankruptcy.  Now that he is flush again, Donald Trump is on the look for properties to buy.  Perhaps he might make and offer on Blaine Trump’s home in Millburn.  It would keep the farm in the family.  That is if the Donald still considers Blaine part of the Trump family.

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