The Gates are Coming! The Gates are Coming!

gateThe gates I am talking excitedly about are the new entrance gates for all 6 entrances to fabulous Fairbanks Ranch!! After tremendous time, processing, planning, permitting, and 1000’s of paid and unpaid man-hours, demolition and reconstruction has finally begun! This community is, hands down, the best guard-gated residential community in CA, and that is saying something, I know. (Explore the links to Fairbanks and see for yourself.) But, we have been long overdue for a face lift at our front door–the 6 gated entrances to this gorgeous, amenity-rich residential paradise.
Demo and reconstruction has begun on 2 of the 4 secondary gates. Upon completion of these first 2, the final 2 secondary gates will be done. At the same time a new median strip, beautifully landscaped, will be constructed at the eastern border to Fairbanks.  This phase will be completed by April, 2010.
At that time, final permitting, planning, design will be in place to demo and reconstruct the 2 Main Gates and their Guard Houses–a big project. I will keep you updated with pix and comments.
No doubt you can tell that I am and have been integrally involved with this Project–from helping to Get Out The Vote from the FBR members (to approve the assessment of $ for the Project to proceed), actively working in Committee on a VERY regular, intense basis, working on the Design Committee, etc.
Planning started nearly 3 full years ago, and it is just now “shovel in ground!”     Yea!!

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