The End of Summer…..

SSFS-1Although it feels like summer year round in San Diego,especially in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe and our neighbor to the west Del Mar, there are a few key events that mark summer’s end.  Labor Day weekend, Closing Day at the Del Mar Races and back-to-school.  Labor Day was yesterday and boy was it a beautiful weekend.  The water temperature at the beach was between 73-77 degrees it was like being in the tropics.    Closing Day at the races is tomorrow and it will surely be exciting with the Pirate’s Bounty Stakes & Palomar Handicap (Gr.II).
Back-to-school started a few weeks ago, as each school’s schedule varies, but the school right by our office, Solana Santa Fe, had their first full week of school last week.  Each year we are able to witness the back to-school events and the hustle and bustle of drop off and pick up.  Signifying the true end to summer.
Solana Santa Fe
Located at 6570 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, on the corner of El Apajo and San Dieguito.
Solana Santa Fe is part of the Solana Beach School District and services K-6th grades with an enrollment of approximately 600 students. The School consistently ranks extremely high in elementary school rankings.
As is true with all of the schools in Rancho Santa Fe, there is a strong amount of parent contributions of both time and money, making the school an ideal learning environment for the kids.  Because it is a public school there are also programs offered for children who may have special needs.
The majority of the residents of Rancho Santa Fe (92067) other than the Covenant would fall into the boundaries of Solana Santa Fe.  Or you can check their website click here
One of my favorite things about Solana Santa Fe is the private entrance for residents of Fairbanks Ranch.  As all parents know, drop off and pick up can be very hectic but not so if you live in Fairbanks Ranch.   Behind the North Gate lies a private entrance for the school.  In the morning and afternoon parents within Fairbanks can drop off their little ones, or older children can walk to and from school in the safety of the guard-gated community.  One of the many amenities of  fabulous Fairbanks Ranch.
To learn more about Fairbanks Ranch or search for homes within the gates click here

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