The Architectural Legacy of Lilian J. Rice

Perhaps there is no other figure that has had more of an impact on Rancho Santa Fe than the architect, Lilian J. Rice. Her idea that buildings and landscapes should live in harmony can still be strongly seen throughout our community today. It is largely because of her vision that Rancho Santa Fe is one of America’s most desirable rural communities.

A pioneering woman of architecture

Lilian J. Rice is one of the pioneering women of architecture, and in 1910 was one of the first women to receive a degree in architecture in California. In 1921, working under the auspices of Requa and Jackson, Rice was given full creative control to develop Rancho Santa Fe’s master plan. The project began with the design and construction of the Civic Center site and buildings (now known as the “Village”) and moved on to the residential development of the community.

Vision of harmony

The bedrock of Rice’s vision is the idea that buildings and the land should live in harmony. In fact, it was her belief that buildings are secondary to the natural landscape. In her designs, she strove to create buildings that quietly added to Southern California’s beautiful landscape, instead of dominating it. Although she designed homes for some of the country’s wealthiest people, they are not overly ornate. Instead, they blend with and become part of the overall landscape. She was particularly inspired by Spanish architecture, as you can plainly see throughout Rancho Santa Fe. She believed it had an underlying honesty and practicality that would serve the community and its residents well.

Emphasis on livability

Lilian J. Rice felt that homes should be livable. She believed that homes reflected the tastes of the people who live in them as well as those of the builder. She understood on a deep level that people want to live in homes that bring them joy, and which they are proud of. Because of her emphasis on livability, she was commissioned to design many of the most prominent homes in Rancho Santa Fe. To see some images of Rice’s most famous homes, visit the official website of Lilian J. Rice or the website for the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society.

Rice’s legacy lives on

Although Rice died in 1938, her legacy lives on in Rancho Santa Fe. Her vision and values continue to influence the character and charm of the community. There are very few places where one can appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the California countryside, and Rancho Santa Fe is certainly among them. It’s a place where you can enjoy a romantic and quaint village life without sacrificing any luxury amenities. If you’re looking for beauty, tranquility, and a little bit of magic, then you’ll find it in Rancho Santa Fe.

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