Mary and Jarod Bono

As a real estate investor, I have done this before, and I really do my homework. Once I decide on what I want, I won’t settle for anything else. Our home search was frustrating and very long, as every realtor we encountered was trying to sell us overpriced homes in the area, homes that had serious construction/foundation issues, short sales involving bank fraud (seriously!) and homes that were not in areas that I wanted to live in. When I’d tell them what I wanted, they’d tell me it was impossible to find what I wanted, where I wanted, in my price range. Some were surprisingly extremely unprofessional and rude. My husband and I were so worn out from home shopping and dramatic realtors. Of my many experiences in real estate, this search was the worst!

Then we, luckily, ran across Lucy and her team. Lucy and her staff were a much needed breath of fresh air! They were all friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. More importantly, Lucy took us and our needs seriously and worked harder than I’ve ever seen a realtor work to make our home purchase happen! At one point our lender required some ridiculous things and Lucy was on it. She had it all squared away in about 24 hours, and this was stuff that even I could not have done that quickly (and I consider myself a hard worker, too!). She stuck with us through the whole ordeal with our lender and got us exactly what we wanted and a very fair price.

When everyone else said “impossible,” Lucy made it happen! I’m loving my new house and am so excited that I didn’t have to compromise anything at all. Thanks Lucy and Connie, for making this happen for us. We are beyond thrilled with our new home!

I would, no question, recommend Lucy Kelts to anyone looking to purchase or sell their property. As an investor, I’ll be looking again for more properties and will definitely be calling Lucy when I’m ready!

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