Take Your Rancho Santa Fe Home to the Next Level with Must-Have Luxury Amenities

Rancho Santa Fe is one of the most exclusive and affluent communities in the United States. In 2013, Forbes listed this charming San Diego community as “One of the Most Expensive ZIP Codes” in America. The portion of the Master Planned Community, or The Covenant, comprises an approximately 10-square-mile area containing just under 2000 homes. At the heart of  The Covenant sits The Village of Rancho Santa Fe, replete with top-notch schools, dining establishments, and shops.

 The luxury inherent in the Rancho Santa Fe community makes it a compelling choice when searching for your next home. As you explore the pristine landscaping and impeccable architecture of Rancho Santa Fe homes, be sure to consider additional amenities that will make your new abode a haven for yourself, your family, and your guests.

 Whether seeking to purchase a new home or invest in a new build, select features that reflect your unique personality and aesthetic while imbuing your residence with a reputation for innovation and style. Below, we list a few additions that we know you’ll want to try!

Going Underground: Basements that Amaze

Rancho Santa Fe Home Amenities

When building space is limited due to lot size or city codes, builders often employ their creativity to construct generously-proportioned basements for homebuyers. These are not mere places to hold the water heater, washer, dryer, and sump pump; with the right finishing touches, they can become one of the prime destinations in a luxury home.

Built with high ceilings and ample floor space, basements play host to countless entertainment options that will make your home the party destination of the neighborhood. Features that can be added to basements include:

  • Home theaters. With built-in stadium-style seating, lush carpet, a projector, and a full-size screen, all you’ll need to add is popcorn!
  • Bar or pub room. Install a gleaming wood or marble bar, abundant storage for wine and spirits, and authentic bar stools for a party that doesn’t require leaving the house.
  • Arcade. Who doesn’t love a good round of Pac-Man? Fill your arcade with a variety of games, from coin-operated video games and pinball machines to air hockey, foosball, or pool tables that will make you feel like a kid at any age.
  • Bowling alley. Whether opting for manual or automated operation, installing one or more lanes will have you and your guests churning out strikes left and right!
  • Poker lounge. Perhaps adjacent to your magnificent bar, a distinctive poker table will form the focal point of your next game night.
  • Night club. Bring the dance floor home with a festive night club, complete with a DJ station, lighting, and a serious sound system.

Let’s Get Physical

Luxury Rancho Santa Fe Amenities
With the right facilities, you won’t even need to leave your luxury Rancho Santa Fe home to get an exhilarating workout! Whether you are looking to create a Zen-like atmosphere or break a serious sweat, options include:

  • Weight or cardio rooms. Stock your home gym with top-of-the-line treadmills, elliptical machines, or rowing machines to get your heart pounding. Free weights, Smith machines, power towers, and weight benches will help you get that sculpted look.
  • Yoga studios. Build your practice in peace with hardwood floors, muted colors, and plenty of room to execute one Downward Dog after another.
  • Sports complexes. We’re not talking about a basketball hoop in the driveway! Full-size basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds are a spectacular addition to your home and will be sure to spark friendly competition.

The Great Outdoors

Luxury RSF Home with Pool
The enjoyment shouldn’t stop when you walk outside. Whatever the size of your yard, explore add-ons that will turn your property into a playground. These include:

  • Lagoon ponds. Enjoy the calming effect of a private pond, stocked with a selection of your favorite marine life.
  • Swimming pools. Whether you are looking to refresh yourself on a hot day, stay active by swimming laps, or luxuriate in a mesmerizing infinity pool, the customization options are endless.
  • Moats. You may not live in a castle, but you can create a regal vibe by surrounding your home or property with a moat. Drawbridge optional!
  • Labyrinths and mazes. Both beautiful and enigmatic, mazes and labyrinths provide a winding path that facilitates walking meditation.

In Love with Your Car?

 If you own one or more prized vehicles, enhance your garage with impressive features to help you store, display, and maintain them with panache.

 Unique garage customization options include:

  • Rotating turntables. Exhibit your automobiles from every angle while never having to back out of the garage again!
  • Mechanic station. Whether enlisting hired help or choosing to do the work by hand, equip yourself with everything you need to keep your car at its peak performance.
  • Car wash. Buckets and hoses will be a relic of the past with a full-service car wash.

A Taste of Excellence

 With the right touches, your home can become a gourmand’s paradise. A palatial kitchen with generous counter space, a plentiful pantry, and restaurant-grade appliances is a must; however, your culinary prowess will soar to new heights with one of the following:

  • Wine “cellar.”  If you invest in high-end vintages, why hide them underground? Relocate your wine collection to a prominent place in or adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Tasting rooms. Make your home a winery-style destination for the oenophiles in your life.
  • Wood-fire ovens. Indoors or out, wood-fire ovens lend the home a rustic flair and add an artisanal quality to cooking.

Infuse Your Home with Your Signature Style

 If you are ready to make the move to an extravagant new house in Rancho Santa Fe, this is the opportunity to imbue your new home with a unique ambiance and aesthetic. Adding luxurious amenities to your Rancho Santa Fe home is an investment in comfort and wellbeing, so choose ones you are certain to use and enjoy. When it comes to these stellar customizations, the options are limited only by imagination.

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