Saving Green by Going Green

lens1278026_iStock_000000532595SmallThese days, “going green” seems to be the latest thing to do, whether that is for your home or business. Everyone is a little more conscientious about preserving our planet for future generations and ourselves. How much have YOU really looked into it, though?
Even big name companies like Wal-Mart are changing their tune about how to do business, but what about everyday consumers like you and me? Obviously recycling is one thing most people do already, but when it comes to saving energy, what about going solar? Are you aware that the government is giving up to 45% subsidies for homeowners to make changes, like installing solar systems on their homes? These come in the form of a 30% Federal Tax Credit and up to 15% in State Rebates to incentivize regular consumers to  install solar on their home.  As of January of this year, it is well within legal rights of all owners of a home or even condo in California to make any green improvements, so there are no more excuses for people who believe  that their HOA will not allow them to do so.
And for those who think it is “just too expensive” think about this: If you are spending over $100 a month in your energy bill, you are definitely a candidate for solar. Many consumers are actually eliminating their SDG&E bill by installing solar for their energy needs. If you are spending over $2400 a year on your energy bill, think about it: You could lease a new car with the savings you reap. And if you purchase a hybrid vehicle, you are even further on your way to saving green by going green!

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