Take a Whale watching tour.

BLUE WHALE CRUISES For a Limited Time Only! It’s an incredible sight! Blue Whales, some as long as 100 feet in length and weighing up to 190 tons (380,000 pounds), are being sighted off the San Diego coast at nine to thirty miles. H&M Landing, San Diego’s pioneer in whale watching and nature cruises, will offer a series of Blue Whale Cruises from San Diego Bay this summer.

Trips Every Thursday and Sunday
June through mid September
Departs at 10 AM and Returns at 4 PM

Adult Fare: $80
Junior Fare (15 and under) : $55

Buy Tickets Online

or Call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144
for information and reservations

Approximately 2,000 individual whales make up the population that ranges from Alaska to Costa Rica, and are frequently seen from California in summer. Blue Whales are the largest animals ever to have existed.
They can be compared to the largest known dinosaur, the Argentinosaurus, which is estimated to have weighed up to 100 tons. Blue Whales are rorquals, a family that includes the Humpback Whale, the Fin Whale, Bryde’s Whale, the Sei Whale and the Minke Whale.This 6 hour cruise departs at 10 AM and returns at 4 PM. The ticket price is $80 for adults and $55 for children. Dolphins, sea lions, sea birds and other marine life can be expected on every cruise. Cruises include commentary and interpretation by the San Diego Natural History Museum’s trained volunteer staff of shipboard naturalists. H&M Landing has been operating whale watching and sea going nature expeditions since 1954.
All trips include informative narration on whales, their migration and the other marine life and sights you will see on your cruise. H&M’s fleet of whale watching vessels are built for the open sea. Spacious, safe and comfortable, they provide outdoor and indoor seating, galley lounges with hot food and beverage service.
When you choose to watch whales from San Diego,
trust the sea-savy pioneers at H&M Landing.

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