Rancho Santa Fe Schools?

Thinking of moving to Rancho Santa Fe and want to know what public school your children will be eligible to attend? As a Realtor, Parent and San Diego native I am often asked about our schools.  Of course with all parents it’s one of the standard questions: How many children do you have? How old are they? Where do they go to school?  Do you like the school?
But when deciding where to live it’s one of the most important questions a parent can ask.  It’s also important with regards to the resale value of the home.  Well the great news is that both of the public elementary schools in Rancho Santa Fe are fantastic. We will discuss Middle School and High school in separate posts.
There are two public schools that service the residents of Rancho Santa Fe — 92067.  They are The R. Roger Rowe School (better known as The Covenant School) and Solana Santa Fe.  Let’s discuss them each individually.
The Covenant School: Services students K-8th Grade. Your family must reside in The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe in order to attend this school. The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe is primarily a certain geographical area although there are some homes/properties that are within The Covenant borders but they are not part of The Covenant.  This is rare but it can happen so be sure to check with your Realtor.  The Covenant has approximately 1,500 homes. If you would like to visit the Rancho Santa Fe School District web site CLICK HERE.  I have directed the link to take you straight to the annual accountability report cards which are very informative and non bias. Now for my bias opinion….  The Covenant School has always and still is considered to be a great school and people have bought homes in The Covenant purely for the school district.  But over the years the competition has become fierce and there have been concerns with an outdated campus and lack of room to grow.  The school is addressing that but it is still in the building phase.  Another link is HERE to view updates on the construction.  My hope for the school is that as soon as the construction is finished they get back to focusing on their academics and continue to be ranked as one of the top performing schools.
Solana Santa Fe: Services students K-6th Grades. If you live in Rancho Santa Fe — 92067 but not in The Covenant then your children would attend Solana Santa Fe. This school is part of the Solana Beach School District and you can CLICK HERE for their annual accountability report card. My bias opinion is this……They have a larger traffic problem then The Covenant School not quite sure if it’s because there are more students or if it’s just located on a busy intersection.  But most all people know to avoid the area at drop off and pick up time (just like any other school).  One of my favorite things about Solana Santa Fe is the private entrance for Fairbanks Ranch residents.  The school is located just west of the north gate of Fairbanks Ranch so there is a back entrance that is only accessible to residents and is one of the many perks of living in Fairbanks Ranch.
To view the older post: San Diego County Academic Performance Index (API) Scores and Rancking for 2008-2009 CLICK HERE and see the top 50 schools in the county.

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