Rancho Santa Fe Homes United for Children

When people get together, especially near Rancho Santa Fe homes, great things can happen. Hands United for Children is an organization near Rancho Santa Fe dedicated to helping underprivileged children through education. Hands United for Children is currently working on two projects where that dedication can be felt.
One of these is the building a preschool in the African nation of Burkina Faso in the town of Sapone,This will be the first preschool in that area. The official language of Burkina Faso is French and school in that area is conducted in French, yet most children learn a language indigenous to Burkina Faso at home. This puts them at a disadvantage when they begin school. Now, however, thanks to the generous donations of people living in Rancho Santa Fe homes, the preschool has begun construction, and will teach French. One classroom is already finished and another was begun in late June. One more is planned. Children aged three to five will be able to attend the school and learn how to speak French, giving them a great foundation for when they start first grade at age six.
Hands United for Children is also working on building a high school to O’Farrell Community School. It’s a charter middle school in the San Diego City Schools system. Teacher, administrators, and the community collaborate to determine the school’s focus and curriculum. O’Farrell has raised 75% of the funds necessary for a high school, and Hands United for Children is working on helping them to raise the last 25%. Residents living in Rancho Santa Fe homes can give to either project by visiting the website of Hands United for Children.

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