Rancho Santa Fe – Home to Delightful Preschool

Parents with children can sometimes find it difficult to secure childcare and learning opportunities for their young children not yet in school.  This week a long-standing institution of Rancho Santa Fe, Happy Time Nursery School celebrated it’s 50th birthday!  If you live in Rancho Santa Fe, you’ve likely heard the praises sung of this unique “magical” private preschool, which teaches listening and speaking skills alongside pony rides and afternoon teas.  If you haven’t heard of Happy Time Nursery School and have a home in Rancho Santa Fe and a child between two and a half and six years of age, you’ll be happy to know that they currently have one opening.
Offering music, Spanish, gymnastics, tidiness and good manners, Happy Time Nursery School has earned a reputation of excellence and is well loved by the families and children that attend.  A garden, chickens, story and sandbox time all are part of the curriculum as well, as Owner Mary Ann Tessary and her staff of nine seek to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable learning environment to all students.  To learn more about Happy Time Nursery School and view photos of daily routines, click here.  You can also call Happy Time Nursery at 858.756.3694 to find out more information.

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