Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Facts and Information

Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is a place where people come to enjoy the best golfing experience. It combines an informal setting with a pleasant ambiance and several additional features that will make visitors come back to have some more fun. The golf club dates from 1900s, when Topeka, Atchison and Santa Fe Railway Company bought together almost 9,000 acres of land on which eucalyptus used to be grown. The severe draught that occurred in 1912 was followed by a terrible freeze that killed the entire culture, leaving only a couple of trees standing. At that point the entire project was abandoned.
At the time, the railway company, which was in charge of the culture, gave up to right to a water supply and over its subsidiary the large Santa Fe Land Improvement Company began the development of a new project, a planned community which was later named Rancho Santa Fe. What is more, in 1927, Santa Fe Land Improvement Company donated about 2,000 acres of land to be used for the creation of a golf course. Then, the Rancho Santa Fe Country Club was finally incorporated during the same year. The architect who designed the golf course was Max Behr. He coordinated the entire construction and modeled the constrictions to highlight the natural beauty of the area. There were made 72 separated golf courses, and the place was officially opened of the 5th of June in 1929.
Furthermore, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club became home to Bing Crosby’s show in 1937. The famous television entertainer was hosting a pro-am “clambake” that attracted various celebrities that were font of this beautiful sport and fought live, on the golf course, for the big prize. This was held annually since 1942. Likewise, the golf club hosted several other important events over the years. For instance, the San Diego Open was organized there in 1954, as well as the 101st Edition of the SCGA Amateur tournament. They attracted thousands of viewers who watched the game.
In 1960 the golf course restricted the access and only members were allowed on the field. Consequently, the association was permitted to lease the course for special events only. It was in 1987 when then the Golf Club finally became a division of the Rancho Santa Fe Association. Later on, in 1999, the club officially celebrated 70 years since it was founded. The Association published a book dedicated to the club and it was a complete guide on the golf course. In 2002, the golf club was entirely renovated and the reparations cost over 3 million dollars. It was then when the club became a true professional golf community. Recent improvements were done to the new Player’s Clubhouse, to the locker rooms, and to the golf shop. At this point, the beautiful Clubhouse features a kitchen, various rooms for special events, a restaurant, and a few business offices.

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