Rancho Pacifica – Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Pacifica is one of Carmel Valley’s most exclusive gated communities. The beautiful views of Fairbanks Golf Course and the dramatic Del Mar sunsets will certainly convince you to invest in a property onsite. Rancho Pacifica Estates feature various customized homes with sizes between 5,000 and 14,000 sq. ft. When it comes to pricing, future residents will have to pay between $2.6 and $10 per house. The beautiful style of such a property, the quiet neighborhood, and superb lots are excellent elements that will help you decide to buy a house in the area.
The quite community of Rancho Pacifica is located close to another great neighborhood, namely Del Mar in Rancho Santa Fe. A lot of people have the tendency to include Rancho Pacifica in Santa Fe, and it’s important to remember the neighborhoods are totally different. The gated community features about 148 homes. In spite of the lack of extra amenities, residents will have easy access to San Diego positioned just a few minutes way from the California Highway 56. A lot of the proprieties included in Rancho Pacifica have beautiful views of the ocean. Others will provide residents with more vintage panoramas of the Fairbanks Country Club and the Del Mar Polo Fields.

Rolling hills and open countryside

The beauty of Rancho Pacifica lies in its crops. The general aspect of the land dedicates a lot of space to the houses located in the neighborhood. In spite of the fact that new homes are built all the time, the spacious land won’t give residents the impression that their home is located to close to their neighbors. There’s plenty of open space between properties, and home owners will have the chance to enjoy full privacy. When it comes to land dimensions, owners can choose to buy as much as 1 acre of land. This will include the house, as well as an extremely spacious lawn behind the house, and a front yard.

The homes

Whether you’re looking for partially furnished houses with 3, 4 bedrooms, or you’re hunting for the most opulent property, Rancho Pacifica is an excellent neighborhood to consider. Families will raise their kids in a safe and secured environment. Additionally, the closeness to San Diego will give you the chance to take full advantage of the city’s main entertainment opportunities. The homes vary in price, and the more you are willing to pay the greater the amenities. 3-bedrooms homes come with a 2-car garage space, a beautiful front yard, and an amazing lawn in the back perfect for family gatherings, picnics, and BBQs. Such a house will probably be listed at $2 million.
On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend $10 million of a luxurious home, you’ll certainly benefit from the finest facilities such as central air system, fully equipped kitchens with state-of-the art appliances, fireplaces in the living area, and the master bedrooms, outdoor & indoor pool, carpeting, hardwood flooring throughout, laundry room, and more.
Overall, Rancho Pacifica is an excellent neighborhood near San Diego to reside and raise a family. Quiet, secluded, and ultimately safe, families with kids will also be positioned close to the city’s main attractions and points of interest.

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