Porch Perfection: Welcomes Homebuyers Instantly

When the season morphs from winter to spring, front porches across the country are put to use again. However, not all front entryways or porches are put to “good” use. Sometimes over the chilly winter months they’ve taken quite a beating and are in need of some serious repair. Other times they’re used as storage overflow from the basement, house or garage and that is not a welcoming sight for homebuyers.In residential real estate, we talk about the importance of a few key factors in selling a home: location, pricing, and curb appeal. These are some of the most important aspects that buyers consider and understandably so.
The right location is, of course, crucial to most buyers, curb appeal gets buyers off the street and inside to view your home and pricing is critical, especially in today’s rocky economy. It simply makes sense then that after a period of non-use or a long winter, front porches might need some maintenance or renovation. The project, though, doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or even time-consuming. Creating and maintaining your porch is all about the details. In fact, just some simple replacements, re-arranging or repairs can instantly refresh and enhance a worn-out porch.
First, begin by examining your porch with a critical eye. If you’ve been storing items on it that should have a home elsewhere, move them. If you have old carpets, discolored or beat up mats, toss and replace them. Also look at the lighting on your porch. Is there just one tiny bulb? An inexpensive lighting system can brighten as well as create a safer, more enticing entryway.
Take a look at the hardware. Are the doorknobs corroded? Are they difficult to turn when you open the door? If doors are banged up or the door hardware looks worn, many homebuyers will gather from the outside not the inside is not well maintained either. For some, they won’t go any further than the entryway. Look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time, just as buyers are. Add some stylish, appealing decor. Also implementing a basic home staging rule can make all the difference too. The rule of three is to group items that are similar or go well together into groups of three. The eye is automatically drawn to this kind of formation.
Symmetry by creating a sense of balance is also important and easy to do. Place ready-made containers of potted plants and flowers on both sides of the walkway leading up to the porch. To homebuyers, it’s an easy way to show that you do care about the details, and it also makes a home look warm and inviting, too.
Also consider adding small touches of molding to your porch. Just doing this alone, can create beautiful lines and enhance the architecture of your home. Another great addition is an outdoor water feature. The sound of water is soothing and also helps reduce any unwanted surrounding noise. Even a small fountain can help buyers feel relaxed when entering a home. The front porch is one of the first areas buyers will see and take note of, so it’s important to create the most positive impression possible.

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