Play and Live in Rancho Santa Fe with Your Toddler

live in Rancho Santa Fe & playMoms and tots who live in Rancho Santa Fe have some exciting events to look forward to this summer! If you want to mingle with like-minded families and keep your toddler active and happy, join in on some play dates with other moms who live in Rancho Santa Fe. By joining the Rancho Santa Fe Mom and Tots Club, you can do just that! Play dates are near your Rancho Santa Fe home in private residences and public parks, beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays.
The Rancho Santa Fe Community Center is excited to be able to facilitate these gatherings and you will have a good time at the planned activities, along with the impromptu ones. Nicole Mikels provides the details to these events, including notification emails and each family is asked to contribute $75 per family per year. Please register at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center and plan on attending the next scheduled play date. These special dates are planned for newborn and preschool-aged families, although you’ll be excited to know that occasional Moms’ Night Out events are coordinated, too! Find out more by visiting the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center.

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