Maximize Your Closet Space

Who doesn’t wish they had more closet space?  It can be very frustrating to look in your closet every morning and be confronted with a mess of clothes, shoes and linens, among other things.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are several solutions you can implement to help make your closet more organized and efficient.  Here are some great ideas that will turn your closet mess into a closet success.

Create More Hanging Space

If you feel you just don’t have enough room to hang all your pants, shirts and dresses, why not double or triple up on rods?  Installed one above the other, they maximize your hanging space for shorter items such as shirts, skirts and trousers.  Save a small space for a single rod hung high for longer items like dresses and coats.

Install Adjustable Shelves

Your tastes change over time, which means so will the items in your closet.  Instead of installing fixed shelves, consider putting in adjustable shelves.  Then, as items in your closet come and go you can change the shelving configuration to accommodate them.

Use All the Space

Take a good look at your existing closet space – are you using all of it?  Chances are the ceiling in your closet is high, which means you can install shelves to hold items you don’t need to access often such as out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations.  The walls in the back of the closet can be outfitted with hooks where you can hang belts, ties, scarves and handbags.  The backs of the closet doors are a great place to hang mirrors or bulletin boards to display reminders and family photos.

Don’t Forget the Floor

The floor of your closet is often under-utilized.  Instead, maximize that space by putting in shelves, drawers or cubbies for shoes, purses and other items.  You’ll be able to see exactly what you have at a glance, instead of digging through your things to find what you are looking for.

Use Containers to Corral

Keep small things in bins or containers to keep them together and tidy.  Scarves, socks, gloves and hats are great items to keep in containers.  Mark on the outside what their contents are so you can quickly locate what you need.

Make It Convenient

Keep heavy items stored at the bottom of the closet so you don’t have to reach overhead for them.  Keep a folding step stool in the closet to easily reach items on high shelves.

Light It

It’s hard to identify items in a dark closet.  If your closet doesn’t already have a light inside, consider installing lights operated by battery.  For something more permanent, hire an electrician to wire your closet for light.

Update As Needed

Your needs will change over time, so reassess your closet on a regular basis to ensure it continues to work for you.  Every six months is a great time to do a closet assessment.  You can determine what items you no longer need and how your closet can be rearranged to best fit what you have now.

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