Luxury Showers Offer Add-ons and Options


More than a Means to Get Clean

Showers are a basic element in most bathrooms, but if luxurious living is the aim, showers stand second to none in the pleasure they bring.  A refreshing shower can set the mood for the day.  It can also bring a sense of renewal at the end of a long hard day.  Many types are available today.  Waterfall showers spill onto the user in a manner akin to standing under a waterfall.  They look fine and feel fine.  Digital showers give the user creative control as they can monitor and select the exact temperature and flow provided.  There are also multiple shower heads and body jets that can squirt you from top to bottom.
Luxury showers are the latest trend in design of high end bathrooms.  A stand alone shower is no longer limited to a small cubicle of glass.  Many are now walk in units without doors which also go by the name of “wet rooms.”  These are often lined with tiles or constructed of marble and contain intricate, spa like multiple shower heads.  These systems are especially appealing to the aged and others with mobility problems.  They will not have to deal with doors, and there will be room enough to accommodate seating areas.
Today’s digital technology allows for programmable showering.  Users can preset temperature, flow rate, and pressure.  Remote controls allowing you to start the unit from the bedroom and have the water at just the right temperature by the time you reach the bathroom.

Finishing Touches Set the Mood

Many people want more music than just what singing in the shower will bring.  There are now high fidelity speakers designed to look like bathroom tiles that may be placed directly into a shower enclosure.  The Koehler Company makes some of these along with tiles that will flash off and on in a variety of colors making it possible to program a light and sound show to accompany washing up.
The eco-minded need not make sacrifices when it comes to showering.  Moen Company offers a line of shower heads that use less water while providing the same sense of water flow.
Steam Showers are an attractive option to add to the bathroom.  These inject heated water vapor into an enclosure for the relaxing benefits of a sauna.  Special safety devices are included to make sure that the room stays properly ventilated and that the temperature does not rise to an unhealthy degree.
Bigger is better seems to be the trend when it comes to the shower heads themselves.  Heads now come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some will drop water like rain from what resembles a waffle iron.  Others look like overhead fans squirting water at various angles from the protruding blades.  Others appear to be ceiling vents.  Stand under them and water drops down from hundreds of holes mimicking the effect of rain.  It can be hard to decide which model to choose when the selection is this large.

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