Luxury Rentals That Are Out of This World

“I’m currently renting,” isn’t a statement that’s typically associated with lavish living conditions.  If anything it’s primarily a term which reminds people of a time when they were just branching out into the world, spreading their wings and trying hard to make ends meet.  However, not all rentals are small one-bedroom walk-ups with bathrooms the size of closets and a terrible view.  In fact, some of the luxurious homes in the world can be enjoyed as a rental for those without the desire to buy.  And for the right price, these one-of-a-kind homes can put to rest your association of rentals with apartment complexes.
For rent at $55,000 per month
Calling all ladies that want to live out their very own Sex And The City fantasies because the Malibu beach front mansion used in the first film can be all yours for $55,000 per month.  In the film, Samantha called this mansion home before returning to her friends in New York.  This majestic modern estate pulls all the punches and at 5,745 square feet it boasts 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms with multiple balconies that open to incredible views of the Pacific ocean.  With a spacious entertainment room, wet bar, and wine cellar this property manages to provide the easy going comfort of a beach-side property with the first rate elegance of such an exclusive community.
For rent at $100,000 per month
If you ask Beyonce who runs the world, she’ll tell you girls and when it comes to this property, she’d be right.  After the home was used in her “Halo” music video it commands a rental price worthy of the reigning diva in pop at a whopping $100,000 per month.  The 5-story, loft-style home has earned itself the title of the “most incredible, unique rental property,” in the New York area and that’s saying something.  It’s got multiple, one-of-a-kind amenities like a master suite with a sitting room, and “sun-filled” bathroom, indoor pool, 925-square-foot terrace, 19-foot ceilings, motorized movie screen, and industrial-sized kitchen.  Highlighting the reason it was perfect for Beyonce’s music video needs.
For rent at $68,600 per month
It’s not often that the layout and execution of a property mirrors that of a luxury hotel, but in the case of this Miami Beach home it’s totally possible.  With it’s exclusive location on Palm Island and an impressive 11,000 square feet of property it’d be easy to confuse.  The $68,000 a month home comes with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, a private dock with a 1,130-feet heated walk-in pool with jacuzzi, swim-in grotto and waterfall.  Making this luxury home the perfect getaway escape.
While renting has been popularly associate with apartments and shabby duplexes, there remains a luxury rental market for those with the cash.  These meticulously cared for homes cater to the needs of the truly well off, providing the sorts of luxury that multiple thousands of dollars can achieve.  Hopefully, once and for all ending the stigma most people have associated with renting rather than buying.
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