Lux Art Institute (Encinitas)

The Lux Art Institute in Encinitas isn’t just about displaying and showing off high end art. The Lux Art Institute aims to get the community involved and help them understand art as it’s created. The institute has residency programs for artists who are working on new projects, giving them insight and a platform to showcase their art with regional and nationally-recognized named in the art community. For these artists in residency, it gives the public a chance to see the creative process of an artist and understand how logistics plays a role in some of the works.

The goal at the Lux Art Institute is to bring in artists, allow them to live and work in a serene, natural environment and allow the public to watch the process. It isn’t just about seeing art, but there’s also a focus on “see art happen,” which means that museum visitors can expect to see artists in full action when they wander into the facility. It’s a mere $5 to get into the Lux Art Institute and see artists at work, along with exhibits from past residents and the artists who have influenced them.
The facility was erected in November of 2007 and designed by architect Renzo Zecchetto. Dubbed the “Artists Pavillion,” the Lux Institute is one of the few LEED-certified buildings in San Diego County. It’s where the desert and the ocean meet, giving artists a sense of nature and well-being as they work on their various projects in development.There are also permanent displays of outdoor art that respect the land surrounding the Lux Art Institute.
Visit Lux Art Institute

  • Take the bus from downtown San Diego and you’ll have to walk about 3/4 a mile to the Lux Art Institute.
  • Take I-5 South out of San Diego. After 5 p.m. you may run into traffic heading either direction, but prior to that, you should be OK.
  • The cost to get into the Lux Art Institute is $10 per person and free for people 21 years old and younger.
  • Groups of 10 or more can call the facility for guided tours and appointments.
  • There are a limited number of parking spots at Lux Institute. Cars are encouraged to park along South El Camino Real when the parking lot is full.

The Valise Project
Inspired by Marcel Duchamp, this project came to fruition to bring art to classrooms in the area. Duchamp, known as one of the Dada artists, was known to carry tiny versions of his art work in a suitcase to show to people as he traveled. The Valise Project at the Lux Institute brings a suitcase (“valise” in Spanish) to hundreds of classrooms in the San Diego area every year. The Lux Institute teacher gives students a two hour lesson on the art in the suitcase. Prior to this, students will have received a lesson incorporating the art with a grade level appropriate lesson organized by the Lux Institute teacher.
Kids in Residence
The Kids in Residence program welcomes children to see the art process first-hand and create their own art.

  • The program allows children ages 8-14.
  • Most sessions last six to eight weeks.
  • Cost ranges from $170-$200.

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