Local Exhibitions at the National History Museum in San Diego

Natural History Museum of San Diego
Address: San Diego Natural History Museum, 1788 El Prado, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone number: 619.232.3821    
Admission: $18-$27
The foundation year of San Diego’s Natural History Museum was 1874. Currently, the museum is located inside Balboa Park in San Diego. The venue was opened in 1993, on January 14 and it’s the oldest scientific institution in Southern California. As of April 2001, it also features an additional gallery that doubled the exhibit space.
The National History Museum located in San Diego is visited annually by hundreds of tourists and locals. Besides hosting extraordinary events related to science and history, this extraordinary museum also features a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions. One of the most attractive current exhibits at the San Diego Natural History Museum is “Titanic: the artifact exhibition”. This presentation commemorates the Titanic centenary. The galleries comprise authentic artifacts that were recovered from the bottom of the ocean, and thanks to the room re-creations visitors are going to learn about compelling human stories. The exhibition also features pieces of the boat. People can see this exhibition until September 9th.
A very interesting exhibition is called “Skulls”. It includes almost 200 skulls representing animals from all around the planet. Visitors will see a wide range of amphibians, mammals, reptiles and birds. This will be a permanent exhibition, opened until 2021. Those who are interested in the lives of dinosaurs can visit the “Camp-O-Saurus”. This is an interactive exhibition offering dino campout. People will have the chance to listen to dinosaurs’ tales by a campfire and sit in a dinosaur nest. This exhibition will also be available until 2021.
We remain in the same area by inviting you to discover the “Fossil Mysteries”. This exhibit shows fossils from San Diego region, ranging from mastodons to dinosaurs. Visitors will have the chance to examine the fossils and find answers to various mysteries using scientific tools. The timeline comprises 75 million years starting from the dinosaurs’ age till the Ice Ages. Thanks to this exhibition opened till 2021, visitors will have the chance to find out more about the prehistory of Baja California and southern California.
People who are fascinated about the ocean will adore the exhibit called “Water: a California story”. Visitors will learn more about the local and current issues of the ocean by examining videos, maps, photos and take part in hands-on activities. They are going to discover how the water in San Diego is imported and how the regional water system’s infrastructure was made. The exhibition also presents the effects of the global warming. Individuals will have the opportunity to visit this display until July 19th, 2021. Perfect for families with kids, the experience will certainly appeal to those with a passion for water activities.
These are the current exhibitions at the National History Museum in San Diego. There will also be some upcoming exhibitions starting from June 1st 2012. These are “The Horse” and “Vavras Vision: Equine Images”. Both of them are related to horses, their wisdom, beauty, strength, and powerful bond with humans. The first exhibition will present various horse breeds and the second one includes photos of horses made by the famous photographer Vavra. Both exhibits are available until January 20, 2013.

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