Live in Rancho Santa Fe, Schools Show Spirit After the Holidays

Santa's little helperOnce your family has enjoyed a healthy dose of the Holiday Spirit, don’t worry about a January let down because the Rancho Santa Fe School district will continue the fun with a 2012 School Spirit Kick-off at home in Rancho Santa Fe. If you live in Rancho Santa Fe, when school resumes on Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, January 6th, kids are encouraged to dress up in fun and wacky attire to start the year off with a bang! The student council sponsors this event that kids love, so take note – here are the daily themes:
Tuesday is the “Totally Wacky Wardrobe Day” and kids will dress in over-the-top top hats, outlandish overcoats, stripy tights, neon colors, mismatched outfits and everything in between. The idea is that they’ll include some crazy accessories and out-of-style styles for everyone to enjoy! Wednesday is the Winter Wonderland Wardrobe day so students should sport their mittens, gloves, scarves, jackets, coats, leggings, boots, ear-muffs, beanies, and icy-colored winter attire or whatever creative rendition of the theme that they choose. Thursday is the Thoroughly Crazy Hair Day so it’s time to get out the teasing combs, hair colors, hairspray, and braid, curl, and spike that hair into something crazy. Be sure to follow school policies for hair styles. Friday is the most comfortable day of all: PJ Day. So kids, wear your snuggly, comfy, relaxed bedtime attire and be excited for the near year in style. For more information,click here.
Creative Commons License photo credit: aussiegall

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