Live in Rancho Santa Fe? See Dames at Sea!

The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club will be taking a trip to the North Coast Repertory Theatre on Thursday, August 2nd for the 8 p.m. show of “Dames at Sea.”  If you live in Rancho Santa Fe, you won’t want to miss out on this marvelous opportunity to enjoy the company of your friends, neighbors and fellow gardeners at this exciting show!  Acclaimed as being “big in laughs, tap dances, songs, hilarious costumes and feel-good entertainment,” by Pam Kragen, of the  North County Times, this show brings big entertainment close to your Rancho Santa Fe home.
Written by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller with music by Jim Wise, “Dames at Sea” is bound to keep you laughing and smiling throughout the entire show.   A true mix of romance and comedy, the show portrays the life of “Ruby” a young, girl headed to New York with hopes high and tap shoes packed.  Fast moving and fun, you’ll be glad you worked this show into your schedule of activities.  Call 858-756-1554 to find out about attending with the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club or visit the North Coast Repertory Theatre direct to find out more about the show.

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