Lake Tahoe Home with Vanishing Garage Lists for $50 Million

Tom Gonzales is an internet millionaire that built his large Lake Tahoe estate based on where he would put all of his toys. Tom has nearly 400 cars in his valuable collection with some of the most unique storage compartments ever.
So Where Do All of the Cars Go?
He came up with the brilliant idea of building a spacious, underground parking area that has enough room to fit all of his extensive car collection and his plethora of motorcycles.The coolest part about the this underground parking lot is the way that the vehicles get there. Tom had a custom built aircraft elevator installed to lower his cars to the garage. If someone didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even recognize the elevator as it’s decorated with actual plants, trees, rocks and other shrubbery. Pretty awesome right?
The Carriage House is what Tom likes to call his three bedroom home which unlike the garage is above ground. This is only one home included in this massive 4 home estate which is going on the market for $50,000,000. Tom is not opposed to selling the 4 homes separately and the asking price for the Carriage House is about $9,000,000.
The entire estate goes by the name of the Sierra Star and plenty of beautiful scenery near Lake Tahoe. This lake is known nationwide as one of the most alluring landscapes.
The Sierra Star in Detail
This country property is well known for it’s snow and is home to many preeminent ski resorts. The entire estate covers over 4 acres of land with over 300 feet of lake front to enjoy. If you like life in the outdoors, you would love this property and the many amenities it has to offer. With two piers, a beach bungalow, a waterfall, and over 300 feet of lake front property, what more could you ask for.
This massive estate was once where the entire family would gather but after the family downsized, Tom hasn’t has much use for all of this land.
The Business Behind it all
Commerce One was a once an eCommerce software company that was founded by Tom Gonzalez and his son. The company was dissolved and claimed bankruptcy in 2004 and now Tom is active in land development.
Tom is willing to sell all of the properties separately if the estate is not purchased in whole. The main house which has 7 bedrooms has an asking price of roughly $15,000,000, the 5 bedroom home has an asking price of about $9,000,000, and the land along the lake’s shore is going for nearly $10,000,000.
If you’re in the market for a beautiful luxury estate and have about $50,000,000 to spare, this lavish country abode may be worth the investment.
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