Kids Who Live in Rancho Santa Fe Can Donate Unopened Candy

Parents of trick or treaters who live in Rancho Santa Fe will be excited to learn that their children will have the opportunity to help someone else by donating their candy!  The Rancho Santa Fe School District will be participating in the Halloween Candy Buy-Back Drive hosted by Moser Orthodontics. In and effort to keep kid’s teeth healthy and cavity free, Moser Orthodontics has offered this program for the last 4 years.  Moser Orthodontics, located near your Rancho Santa Fe home, will  donate one dollar for every pound of candy brought to school after Halloween.
The funds raised through this effort will be donated to help Feed America this Thanksgiving. The buyback is available from Monday, October 31st through Wednesday, November 2nd and a candy container will be in the front office of your child’s school for you or your child to make donations.  To learn more about Moser Orthodontics, click here.

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