Hang On… We are in for a bumpy ride!

The past few weeks we saw the financial markets swing back and forth with consumer confidence and unemployment rates at record lows. The number one question we realtors get asked the most is “What do you see the real estate market doing in the next few weeks or months?”  While we do not have that coveted crystal ball, we can relay the hands – on activity and overall feeling of the home buyers and sellers we come in contact with.
The majority of sellers who are on the market at this time are very much wanting to move their properties and are open to creative ways to make it happen. Cash is king as the banks are ridiculously constrictive. The buyers are shopping around and looking at every opportunity before striking. This relays to properties remaining on the market longer than before as they take their time.
Translation:  It obviously is still a “Buyers Market” and will be for some time to come. Sellers need to be aggressive and realistic in pricing their homes and/or as patient as ever.  The Lucy Kelts Team is aligned with the best SEO company and we market our inventory in creative and productive avenues, committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and reaching vast audiences both nationally and internationally.
Showing activity has picked up this past week and that means that sales are to follow, eventually.
It may be a bumpy road but for the smart consumer it may very well be worth the ride!

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