Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

If you’re like many homeowners, one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays is decorating for the season.  Halloween is certainly no exception.  With all the choices out there it can be hard to decide exactly how to deck out your home.  Here are some great ideas that will get you started.

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Why not try a different approach to carving your pumpkins this year?  Instead of the traditional jack o’ lantern, use cookie cutters to create your own unique designs.  Stars, diamonds and circles are all great ideas for shapes to use.  Start by cutting a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin and clean out the seeds and pulp.  Using a hammer, punch out the cookie cutter shapes.  Use pliers to remove the cookie cutter and a knife to finish cutting out the shapes.
Use your pumpkin creations to line your front walk or stack them on your porch.  And instead of using candles, try fitting each pumpkin with one light from a string of twinkle lights.  You can hide the cord with leaves or pine needles.

Painted Pumpkins

Send a message to your guests with these delightful painted pumpkins.  You can easily create this look for your own front porch.  If you have a vintage wheelbarrow, you can use that for your pumpkin display, but any wooden crates will work just fine.  Take as many pumpkins as you need to complete your sentiment.  In this case, we used two to write “welcome friends”.  Use black paint to write the words on each pumpkin and place them in the container.  Fill the remainder of the container with straw, branches, berries, leaves, gourds and squash.

Pumpkin House Numbers

Let your guests know they’ve come to the right place with this display of pumpkin house numbers.  This is easy to create for your own front porch.  Choose pumpkins that are somewhat wide and squat with flat tops.  Then, use an autumn-inspired color to paint one number on each pumpkin (here we used yellow).  Stack the pumpkins on a decorative urn or planter that has been weighted down with rocks or sand.  Complete the look by adding a few leaves or straw at the bottom.

Gourd Garland

Add rustic charm inside or outside your home with this simple yet beautiful gourd garland.  This project is easy to make yourself, all you need is twine, some gourds and a small drill.  Start by drilling small holes in each side of the gourd, then thread the twine through them.  Make a knot on each side of the gourd so they don’t move.  Space each gourd about six inches apart.  Hang your gourd garland anywhere you want an autumn touch – on your front porch, along a mantel or even across the front of a buffet table.
It doesn’t take much time or effort to get your house in shape for the Halloween season.  Try one or all of the ideas outlined above and you’ll have a house that’s festive and fun!

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