Great Driveway Ideas to Improve Your Home's Appeal

Your driveway makes up a big portion of your front yard and plays a sizable part in how your home looks from the outside.  The average driveway comprises about 800 square feet of space.  Don’t let all that go to waste.  Here are some great ideas to help give your driveway curb appeal.

Bricks and Ground Cover

Create a tidy and nature-loving driveway with a mix of paving bricks and hardy ground cover.  The added green will help your driveway blend in with the rest of your yard, while the pavers will give it the hardiness it needs to withstand your car’s tires.  Suitable ground covers for driveways include blue star creeper and Corsican mint.

Add Design Elements

Why not add some design elements to your driveway?  Something as simple as adding a few concentric circles in contrasting colors will make a wonderful design feature.  In this way, your driveway is more like a patio than simply a place to park your car.

“Living” Driveway

You can create a truly green driveway by constructing it with porous pavers or plastic blocks.  These have small holes inside that allow you to plant, adding to your driveway’s “green” effect.  They are also environmentally friendly as they allow rain water to pass into the ground.


Real stone adds texture to your driveway.  Opt for stone that is local to your area that will withstand the weight of your cars without breaking.  By purchasing stone locally, you’ll save on additional freight charges that come with carrying stone in a truck across the country.

Faux Brick

Create the look of brick with simple asphalt.  Asphalt can be stamped and colored to look like real brick.  Not only does it result in a great look, it costs about half what real brick would cost you.

Add Color

Consider adding some color to your driveway.  You can add pigment to concrete while it is being mixed.  There are also topical colors that can be applied once materials are installed.  This adds quite a bit of visual interest for a low added cost.


You don’t need to have a driveway made entirely out of brick to add appeal.  You can simply create a brick border that will achieve the same effect.  You can also stamp patterns into concrete for a border.

Paver Lights

Give your driveway some light with low voltage paver lights.  These lights sit flush with the surrounding driveway and are made with tough resin lenses that can take the weight of cars.  This is a job you can do yourself that will have big impact with minimal cost.
So don’t settle for a plain, boring driveway.  Instead, use one of the suggestions above to create a driveway that is not only functional, but adds to your home’s overall curb appeal and creates additional value for your property.

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