The Good Guys Raise Money for Wounded Warriors at Morgan Run Golf Club

A group of wounded warriors gathered at Morgan Run Golf Club in Fairbanks Ranch on Saturday and received assistance from a local group called the Good Guys.
“These guys as far as I’m concerned and that’s why we’re here to support these heroes,” said Bert Poncher, the co-founder of the Good Guys, a group of golfers who do extraordinary things for the military. “When we started seven years ago, nobody was doing anything… and we said, ‘We should do something for our boys.’ At the time, there was a lot of wounded [and] lot of people getting killed so we started the Good Guys.”
Poncher added, “It’s emotional, so all we care about is getting these fellows and ladies the money and supporting them in any way we can.”
On Saturday, the Good Guys raised $350,000. Each Marine and soldier will receive $5,000 with no strings attached.
“It means much… not so much from the fiscal, but more so the sentiment involved [and] the support they provide to the service members and their families,” said Marine Col. John Schultz.
Poncher said, “There’s no reason we should not support our military. It’s very important to the economy [and] very important to America.”
If any wounded warrior or their family ever needs assistance with gas money or rent, the Good Guys are there within 24 hours with a check to help.Click here to contact us

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