Gary Vaynerchuk Becomes The Wine Guy for Virgin America

Gary Vaynerchuk Becomes The Wine Guy for Virgin America

Posted by Chad Catacchio on May 4th, 2010

Gary Vaynerchuk and Virgin America just announced that Vaynerchuk will hand pick wines for Virgin America flights, and his Wine Library TV will become a featured program on Virgin America’s Red onboard entertainment system.
This is a great move for California based Virgin America, which is already considered by many to be the hippest airline in America. Gary V (or @garyvee as he’s known on Twitter) is one of the most savvy social media users, as he showed by getting his Crush It book onto the NY Times’ Best Seller list, mainly through his social media channels, which includes Wine Library TV. Of course, being the wine guy for the hippest airline in the country isn’t bad for Gary V as well (he also is prominently featured on Hulu as well, so he is really putting together quite a collection of mainstream channels).
Virgin America announced that Gary V will adding wines to the menu throughout the year, and that two wines – Turnbull Sauvignon Blanc 2008  and Arrowood 2002 Sonoma County Merlot – will be on the menu starting today.
Another thing to note is that Virgin America of course has in-flight WiFi, so perhaps Gary V could use that to his advantage. For example, he could mention in his Wine Library TV episodes, “hey, if you’re on a Virgin America flight right now, go to my website and use the code VA20 for 20% off your purchase!” (of course, Gary might use more colorful language than that).
Finally, although a little vague, the announcement also promised that:

This summer, Virgin America is also planning an in-flight wine-tasting with Vaynerchuk in the First Class cabin.

Not sure where or when that is, but if Virgin America wants to invite us along, we’ll certainly cover it for them!
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