Free Family Arts and Literacy Connection in San Diego on January 29

Live music, sound effects, golden voices and imaginative storytelling…hallmarks of the golden age of radio. The San Diego State University Performing Arts Troupe presents an evening of live radio theater at 6:30 PM on Thursday, January 29th. This presentation is part of the Free Family Arts and Literacy Connection series held in the multipurpose room at The Salvation Army Kroc Center located at 6605 University Avenue.

This family-friendly evening features adaptations o the popular 30’s sci-fi radio drama Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; a classic Aesop’s Fable and an original composition based on the children’s book Snow Music. A copy of Snow Music will be given away to each family attending the program.

The San Diego State Performing Arts Troupe consists of 11 undergraduate Music Education majors, music credential students and current music teachers who combine their musical talents to create and perform original productions for children and families.

The Free Family Arts and Literacy Connection is a partnership between The Salvation Army Kroc Center and Young Audiences of San Diego. All Family Arts and Literacy Connection programs are free to the public. The series engages both live performance and hands-on workshops. In addition, each family takes home a free book that connects to the theme of the evening. Upcoming Free Family Arts and Literacy dates include February 26, March 26 and May 16th.

For more information, contact The Salvation Army Kroc Center at 619-269-1540 or Young Audiences at 619-282-7599 x114.

About YASD: The world desperately needs workers and leaders who are creative, disciplined and visionary. The arts—music, dance, theater and the visual arts—foster those qualities in today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce.

For 50 years, Young Audiences of San Diego (YASD) has dedicated itself to integrating the arts into the education and lives of all children of our region through an extraordinary range of high quality performances, residencies and workshops to help our young people identify their cultural roots and discover their creative wings. Why? Because the arts are fundamental to what it means to be an educated person; are the richest and most far-reaching expressions of human creativity, achievement and communication; inspire self-confidence; build basic and critical thinking and 
problem-solving skills; allow students to develop their self-discipline and important social, cognitive, affective, and 
psychomotor skills; expose young people to many cultures and viewpoints, fostering ethnic pride and intercultural and interracial understanding; and to reach the hard-to-teach student and keep kids interested in school.

Without Young Audiences of San Diego, the arts are unavailable to most children because families either can not afford them or, with both parents working away from home, there is not enough time to take children to arts activities.

Performances by our professional artists often become a child’s first encounter with the beauty of ballet, the majesty of the French horn or the excitement of Latin American samba.

YASD is a statewide leader in creating outstanding arts-in-education programs. We select superior professional musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, writers and storytellers who are skilled in communicating with young people.

Our assembly programs are a great introduction to the arts, and the hands-on workshops and artist residencies go beyond appreciation and bring children (and teachers) a powerful medium for personal expression.

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