The Farms Golf Club Facts and Information – Rancho Santa Fe

Location: 8500 St. Andrews Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Voice:(858) 756-5585
Fax:(858) 756-9914
EMail:[email protected]

The Farms and Golf Club was built in 1988 on a fine terrain in Rancho Santa Fe, one of the most prestigious communities in San Diego. It is a private club that was supposed to be a tranquil relaxation place for golf fans strongly committed to the game and its traditions.
One year later, in 1999, the ownership of the club was assumed by Alice Dye and Pete Perry, who made a promise to maintain the club in good estate and keep the initial design made by Robert Altvers. They intended to never change the pristine outlook of the location or transform it into a technologized venue. The accent was pun on the natural beauty the golf course, although there were going to be made improvements in order to keep it in good condition. It was renovated only in 2000, under the guidance of architect John Fought and his associate, Tom Lehman. They didn’t change its basic features, resuming only to improving the facilities of the place.
In addition, there were twenty-one green fields rebuilt and the club was equipped with a professional irrigation system, as well as various movement facilities, nice plantings, various water features and several fairways. The San Diego golf course remained unchanged because the developers wanted to keep its original outlook. At this point, modifications are still being made in order to allow players to enjoy the ultimate golfing experience. The great aspect and updated utilities are now bringing more clients than ever.
What is more, the Farms Golf Club is a private, member-owned golf facility, dedicated exclusively to the practice of the sport. Its members come from the state of California and consist mostly of people who are fond of this beautiful yet complex game. Also, the Farms is structured on several levels, the club attracting amateurs as well as gold professionals who subscribe for various tournaments organized there. Phil Mickelson, Liselotte Neumann, and Annika Sorenstam are just a few of those who have won great championships at the Farms Golf Club. Annually, there are being organized about 27,000 golf rounds.
Finally what could be more pleasant than dinning at an expensive restaurant after having spent your day playing golf with your friends? Like any other respectable club, the Farms has a special, elegant dining place, overlooking the golf course also designed by Robert Altevers. The clubhouse provides its customers with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and a fancy environment, which is appreciated by all members of the club. The service is impeccable, the food is tasty and members enjoy a unique experience, beyond all expectations.
Players are invited to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Farms, as well as attend the fabulous events that are organized on special occasions. Overall, the Farms Golf Club in San Diego has a tradition that lasts for over twenty years and is characterized by elegance, taste and professionalism. The club has managed to develop into a real community, it is a wonderful place to spend you spare time, make friends and enjoy a good life.

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