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The Fairbanks Ranch Location

There are lots of reasons to want to move to Fairbanks Ranch. This census – designated place is located near the lovely San Dieguito River Valley, on the former site of Rancho San Dieguito. This community was discovered in 1920 by the movie director Theodore Reed. He was a director for Douglas Fairbanks Sr., who eventually purchased the property. The property was bought in 1924 and was used to grow oranges. The owners planted acres of grain, tomatoes, beans and citrus trees. Later on, it became a property where 300 acres of land were filled with Valencia oranges. The area was called Fox Ranch or Rancho Zorro, reminding of Fairbanks’ film role. He also built a home on the property and used it as his country retreat. The house was named Casa Zorro and overlooked the lake. The ranch was sold in 1952, after Fairbanks died.

The Upscale Community of Fairbanks

The property was purchased by Ray Watt who transformed the ranch into an upscale community of luxury homes. It was then when it got the name Fairbanks Ranch. The 1240 acres were covered with 618 sites. The sales began in 1981. The mansions are located on well-manicured and large lots with sizes ranging from 3,500 to 6,000 square feet.
Selling prices start at $1.7 million and the most expensive home costs $16 million. The lots can measure up to 10 acres. Besides the individual amenities of each estate, this coveted community also provides its own splendid facilities. Thus, the residents can benefit from miles of jogging and walking trails, a lakeside clubhouse, various tennis courts, an equestrian center measuring 17 acres and having an impressive 27-stall barn and an open space measuring 40 acres where children can play and adults can relax. Fairbanks Ranch also benefits from a great weather and year -round sunshine.

Introducing the Fairbanks Luxury Homes and Estates

Fairbanks Ranch represents a small area in California, the county of San Diego. It has a population of more than 3,000 inhabitants and it includes 2 gated communities: the South Section and the North Section. It is included in the Rancho Santa Fe region and it is an ideal place to invest in a home. Recently, Fairbanks Ranch was listed as one of the best places to live in California. One of the factors that led to this ranking was the population growth. Since 2000, the population of Fairbanks Ranch increased by 99%, which is a huge percentage.  The median home price was also taken into consideration. This is almost $1,098,000 for a home in Fairbanks Ranch. The home appreciation as compared to 2011 was -4.32%. The cost of living in Fairbanks Ranch is 178% higher as compared to the American average.
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