Elevate your home decor with this one simple solution

We use them to carry food from the kitchen to the dining room, to pass hors d’oeuvres during cocktail parties, and even when we’re enjoying the rare breakfast in bed. But the simplicity of a tray can add beauty and elegance to any room in your house. Why not free a few from your buffet and give these tips a try?

Because it’s constantly in use, a bathroom may be the most difficult room in your house to keep tidy and attractive. Using a tray can not only help with organization but canalso transform the space into a luxurious spa, no matter how big it is.

Don’t let your jewelry lay around where it can be lost or broken. An elegant tray on your dresser can hold keepsake boxes and all of your treasured pieces.

Some of us prefer to put our feet up on a cozy ottoman at the end of a busy day, which can pose a problem when you’d like to put down your drink. A tray can act as a coffee table for beverages, snacks, a book or interesting found objects.

Who doesn’t love a vase of fresh flowers in the foyer? An antique tray can add even more flair to the space that first greets your visitors.

Ah, the kitchen. Often the busiest room in the house, it’s also usually where people tend to congregate. Use fashionable trays to display plants and decorations as well as keeping your often-used tools and ingredients organized.

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