Eccentric Homes You Won't Believe!

Everybody’s wondering where will the hippies of the 1970s retire. They’re certainly not the kind of people to live in Florida and go to the mall every day, or buy a house near a golf course. The solution for these people is most of the times an offbeat home, a property that can be easily blended into the landscape.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio, is certainly on top of the list, with a home that costs $349,000. It was constructed in 10 years and it was sculpted by the students of the College of Architecture, Design, Planning and Art at the University of Cincinnati. The property is made from ceramic, mixed materials, shell, colored glass, and wood.
Mushroom Home, Pittsford, New York
Moving on, we cannot miss out the Mushroom Home in Pittsford, New York. It was sold for $799,900 and it was inspired by the stems on Queen Anne’s lace. The home features 5 interconnected pods, representing 2 sleeping areas, a sitting room, a kitchen, a dining and living area and a deck. This unique property measures 4,168 square feet.
Malibu, California
Individuals who watched and liked “The Flintstones” are going to adore the following house located in Malibu, California. The estate is made of rock and offers full views of LA’s skyline, the Serrano Valley, the Channel Islands and the Boney Island. It costs $3.5 million.
The Eye of the Sun, Berkley
It seems that California has some of the weirdest houses in the states. Another example is the “Eye of the Sun” situated in Berkeley. The property covers 2,000 square feet and it costs $250,000. It has a rounded design and it’s made of cement and recycled Styrofoam. It is extremely durable and resistant to earthquakes, water, termites and fire.
New Paltz, New York
Whoever wants to live in a turning house can buy this staggering house in New Paltz, New York. It has the shape of a dome and with a simple touch of a button it begins to spin. Currently, the house is off the market.
Festus, Missouri
Another cave house that will certainly impress you is located in Festus, Missouri. The property itself is extremely modern, featuring glass windows and a living space that covers 15,000 square feet. The natural cave and the contemporary finishes make a great and energy – efficient home. It is off the market.
Granville, Vermont
The hobbit home in Granville, Vermont, will definitely impress everyone. It was hand sculpted and features floor heat, energy- efficient windows and 2 clay, and straw yurts. Behind the house, one can see the forest. This $260,000 estate also has 2 ponds and organic gardens.
Fayetteville, Georgia
Musicians will love this residence situated in Fayetteville, Georgia. Although it looks just any other ranch from the ground, an aerial views highlights its guitar shape. Built in 1978, the property belonged to an avid musician who dedicated the home to his favorite music genre.
Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington, presents a futurist and abstract home incorporated inside an old church. The property has a large swing, a bowling ball installation and cast-glass windows. The bell tower was transformed into an observatory, from where people can see the sea, the mountains, and the skyline. The house can be bought for the price of $789,000.
Atlantic Beach, Florida
Eco-friendly individuals must take a look at the grass dune home in Atlantic Beach, Florida. This house is entirely covered with grass. The property dates from 1975 and it’s a duplex. Each living space has 750 square feet, 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom. It is off-market at the moment.

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