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Luxury Million Dollar Homes with 300 days of Sunshine
San Diego makes for an ideal location for a vacation. after playing on the beaches, riding your bike on America’s best city for bikes, strolling through Seaport Village, and taking a trip to the mountains, you’ll wonder if there is any place better to call home.
When Robin Leach hosted the popular television show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous which aired in the 1990’s, many of the homes he featured were California homes. whether it’s the wealth of its residents or their creative and laid back lifestyles, California has an abundance of opulent, luxurious homes and many of them are featured in luxury homes magazines.
Not surprisingly perhaps, the estates he featured in his show pale in comparison to the homes you’ll find there now. New developments have popped up in Orange County, that hip locale for new TV dramas. The OC definitely has its share of beautiful, expensive real estate. If you have the financial means, Orange County real estate and San Diego real estate are exceptional investments.
The geography of California provides the perfect backdrop for a stunning million dollar estate. The most expensive of these mega million dollar estates are often oceanfront properties. The rounded hills of California from San Diego all the way to the wine country near San Francisco provides panoramic views of countrysides. From Spanish villas in Rancho Santa Fe to Tuscan estates in Sonoma County, there’s a million dollar home for everyone in California.
The value of California real estate has fallen this year as every year and with the mortgage fiasco and other economic problems, a buyer’s market has appeared. for the first time in many years, you may have an opportunity to buy one of these million dollar homes as an investment or as your new home. Many people buy homes here for winter residences. The weather in Southern California is incredible. Temperatures are moderate and rainy weather is at a minimum. you can enjoy more than 300 sunny days per year. That translates to a lot of walking, tennis, golf and bicycling. That is a healthy lifestyle and one that is more invigorating.
If you’re not into leisure and relaxation, Southern California offers lots of high tech employment opportunities. From San Diego’s medical industry prominence to the hi tech industry in the Silicon Valley, Southern Cal has everything you’ll need for an exciting career. Just across the Ocean is China and Japan so although the sun sets are incomparable here, the future is a sunrise for Californians.
San Diego is a rising star in the US economy. its normally strong banking industry combined with the medical and military industries here, along with its access to cheap labour and manufacturing in nearby Tijuana Mexico give it every conceivable economic advantage. Being between Mexico and China and Japan make it an appealing locale for captains of industry.
What kind of homes might you expect to find in the San Diego area? when you see pictures of homes in magazines or online, you’ll be overwhelmed at how beautiful they are. these luxury homes feature swimming pools, master chef kitchens, interiors dressed in exotic woods and stone, spas that include workout rooms, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and swimming pools. Tennis courts and landscaped gardens are common. Many homes are designed by world renowned architects so these aren’t built piecemeal. these homes come together to appeal to the viewer’s sense of wonder.
It isn’t just that they have all the amenities of a luxury home, it’s how they’re weaved together to provide the ultimate in luxury and convenience. these are homes that draw people in. This is one of the reasons Californians want these types of homes. They attract friends and visitors and reduce some of the isolation that some may feel. for those that don’t feel isolated, they may have more friends and family coming over than they want. after all, who would want to leave a home with a 200 inch widescreen TV and swimming pool with a cascading waterfalls above it?
Southern California homes inspire our belief that anything is possible and that the good life is accessible if we work hard to achieve it. California is a land of beautiful contrasts and is worth the visit, even if to ogle the opulent real estate here. Make your next vacation to a place like San Diego and discover more than the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the lifestyles that we all dream about.

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