A Dog's Indoor Space Requires Special Attention

Just like you want to create a space that caters to your likes so you can relax while you’re at home, what about doing the same for your pet? Dogs that live indoors often need special attention to ensure they are occupied and feel stress-free while indoors. You know your dog better than anyone else. What does he or she need to help feel at home?

  1. An indoor playroom is essential for those who spend a lot of time away from home. This gives your pup an exclusive place to hang out in and play while you’re gone. While it may seem dramatic to create a play area for your dog, remember that when the dog is trained that this is his or her space, the pup is more likely to stay away from other areas of the house. That means your home is safe and you can count on your dog sticking around this designated space when you’re at work or running errands.
  2. Space matters, but it isn’t everything. Sure, all of us wish we had the space for Fido to have his very own bedroom, but for many of us, that isn’t the case. You can still give your dog a play area that has all of the things we’ll discuss in this article without giving him or her an entire room. The amount of room should depend on the dog’s size, since it will wander around this area most.
  3. Put the dog’s essentials in this area. This should include a small doggie bed, chew toys, water and food. If the room has an exterior-facing wall, you may considering having a doggie door installed so the pup can relieve itself at its own leisure. This is a great thing for some dogs, but the door should be a gated area so other animals cannot get in.
  4. Consider the flooring. The dog may have accidents here or there, even if it’s a trained dog. Have the room done in hardwood or tile, which will make these ‘accidents’ far easier to tend to. You may also want to keep up a clean-up kit in a caddy on a shelf or in a drawer so you can take care of Spot’s accidents, well, on the spot. Remember that experts say the dog’s formal potty area should be a far distance from their personal indoor space.
  5. Add a spot for you too! After all, you’ll want to spend time with your pup in his or her special space, so leave room for an oversized chair or small loveseat, where you can the dog can snuggle up. Lighting is also an important factor, since you may want to sit in the space and read while your dog plays with a ball or just relaxes right along with you. This can be an area you sit with your dog each day to help it wind down, especially if it’s the same area where you expect the dog to sleep. Add plush details like pillows and rugs, especially if your pup is a burrower and likes to get tucked in and feel cozy while he or she relaxes the day away.

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