Decorate with Indoor Container Plants and Hanging Baskets

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home’s interior and make it more inviting? One easy way is by adding a variety of indoor plants.  Using containers and hanging baskets, you can create a warm environment that will make everyone feel right at home.  Here are some plants you can employ in your decorating efforts that will thrive indoors.

Plants for Containers

One of the best plants around for removing indoor toxins and improving the air is the Areca Palm.  Also known as yellow palm or butterfly palm, this plant releases moisture into the air and helps to remove chemicals.  This graceful palm needs direct, bright sunlight so be sure to place in front of a window or below a skylight.
If you have a room that is dim and cool, a Rubber Plant is your best bet.  Bred for its toughness, this house plant is easy to care for and its dark leaves add drama to any room.
For those that need a plant that can thrive in a dry environment, consider adding a Bamboo Palm or two.  This popular plant adds moisture and its tall, graceful stems and leaves can make even the plainest room seem exotic.
The flowering Peace Lily is an outstanding plant to display indoors as it produces beautiful foliage as well as white spathes.  It is easy to grow and care for, and looks wonderful paired with other types of foliage.
If you’d like a living sculpture, why not add some English Ivy?  Known primarily as a ground cover, English Ivy can be grown as a topiary onto an existing structure, making it a great choice to use in decorarting your home.  English Ivy is highly adaptable and will thrive in most indoor environments.

Plants for Hanging Baskets

One of the easiest and most hardy varieties of hanging houseplants is Pothos.  Pothos has distinctive heart shaped leaves that look beautiful cascading down the side of a basket.  They tolerate low levels of light and dry conditions.
Who doesn’t love a fern?  Ferns are one of the oldest groups of plants and have survived since prehistoric times, so it’s likely it can tolerate whatever indoor conditions you throw its way.  Boston Fern has distinctive foliage with stiff fronds that arch out and cascade down as they age.  They are lush and full and will add a touch of class to your room.  Care for ferns with frequent misting and watering and place them in indirect light.
A favorite houseplant for many is the hardy and common Spider Plant.  With its spear-like leaves and tiny baby plants, the Spider Plant is incredibly easy to care for and will lend an air of familiarity to your rooms.
When you are decorating your home, why not add a plant or two to complement your interior décor?  Plants instantly add warmth to your home and will enhance the interior, making it more attractive and inviting.

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