Decisions to Consider Before Adding a Pool


A Big Step That Merits Careful Consideration

With summer coming on, many people will be considering installing a pool anticipating all the fun they will have once hot weather hits.  Pools though are quite costly to install and take so long to finish that the decision to get one should not be a spur of the moment whim.
The first consideration needs to be the cost.  Pools are not only costly to create, they are also expensive to maintain.  They require frequent applications of chemicals or salts.  They have to be constantly cleaned.  They run up the water bill, and if they are heated, you can expect to pay plenty in utility bills.  Going solar is a means more and more people are using to avoid this expense, but the solar system will be expensive to purchase and will occupy considerable space.
Avoid trying to cut corners to contain costs.  Using cheap building materials will likely cause problems that may prove difficult or impossible to repair.  Should cracks occur in the lining, the unsightly appearance can prove a real turn off for buyers should you ever try to sell the home.  Pools do add value to a house, but not generally as much as the amount of money it takes to complete one.  If you are planning to sell your house any time soon, it is probably not a good idea to put one in since you will not have time enough to enjoy it to justify the initial outlay.

Contractor is the Key Choice to Make

How well your pool project will turn out is most heavily influenced by the contractor you select.  Make sure to hire a professional who will work hard to do a good job.  If a friend or a neighbor has put in a pool, quiz them about what they encountered.  Find out what problems to expect.  If they are satisfied with the work that was done, ask them for a recommendation.  Make a list of possible choices and get estimates in writing regarding both the prices and how long the work will likely take.  Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are properly licensed and insured.
Once construction has started, stay on top of the job.  Discuss all aspects of the work with the contractor.  The contract you have with them should detail costs, materials, and time lines.  As work proceeds, take pictures of the major phases of the job.  These can be crucial should problems arise that entail costly repairs.
There are many additions that can be placed around a pool to add to the enjoyment of having one.  There are slides, spas, and diving boards that can make it more fun.  While they do not necessarily have to be installed concurrently with the pool, it is important to at least anticipate such features in order to insure there is room for them.
The size and the shape of the pool may be limited to the amount of space you have available.  Rectangular pools create a classic look and work best for those who enjoy swimming laps.

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