Best US Cities for Wealthy and Single

If you’re wealthy and single, well, many would say you’re lucky.  But where do rich singletons go to rub shoulders with others of their ilk?  Read on to find out the top ten US cities for the well-heeled unattached.

10.  Mountain View, CA

Techie billionaires have apparently swarmed this Silicon Valley city.  Google, LinkedIn, and Intuit all call Mountain View home, where 34.9 percent of the population is single.  Mountain View has a population of just 76,036 and a median family income of just over $109,000.  Mountain View plays host to a wine festival every summer, so you’ll have plenty of chances to meet your price charming here.  Or better yet, hop online to find a date.  Google offers free Wi-Fi all over town.

9.  Oak Park, IL

With 32.8 percent of the 52,014 population single, Oak Park is the place to be to find your next date – especially if you like the arts.  Residents have a median family income of just over $109,000 and they’re spending it on theater, dance, music and visual arts.  Oak Park also has the largest number of Frank Lloyd Wright homes anywhere.  Take a tour and you just might meet another architecture-loving tycoon.

8.  Towson, MD

35.8 percent of the 56,362 people living in Towson are single, and the median family income is over $111,000.  Towson makes it easy to meet your new wealthy paramour at their weekly summer Friday night block party called Feet on the Street.  If you’re more the holiday type, head to the tree-lighting ceremony during Winterfest.  Or if you’re in the mood to give back, join other residents of this Baltimore suburb for town clean-up days in the fall.  You just may fall for someone.

7.  Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springers have a median income of over $113,000, and more than 35 percent of the 89,642 residents are single.  Outdoorsy types will be drawn to Sandy Springs summer concerts, farmers markets and festivals where you can meet people the old-fashioned way – in person.

6.  Irvine, CA

Over 32 percent of Irvine’s 213,600 residents are flying solo, and they are making a median income of $116,000.  Irvine is tops in the country for green spaces, so going for a simple stroll make score you a hot date.

5.  Redondo Beach, CA

Another California city hits the list with more than 33% of their almost 67,000 residents unhitched.  The median family income is over $118,000, so if you’re into wealthy, single surfers this is the place to be.  Romance your new love with sunset views and some live music on the pier.

4.  Arlington, VA

A whopping 41.5 percent of Arlington’s 209,969 residents are single.  Here the median family income is $132,580.  Want to snag a wealthy politico?  Then Arlington, whose residents work at the Pentagon, DEA and FDIC, should get your vote.

3.  Brookline, MA

With nearly 42 percent of its 59,000 residents single, you shouldn’t have any problem meeting someone wealthy.  After all, the median family income is nearly $140,000.  This affluent Boston suburb is home to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, so all you wealthy gearheads take note.

2.  Hoboken, NJ

Throw a rock in a bar in Hoboken and you’ll no doubt hit a rich singleton.  After all, Hoboken has the most bars in one square mile of any US city, and almost 60 percent of the 52,000 residents are single!  The median income is just over $140,000.  What are you waiting for?  Get to Manhattan’s sixth borough, stat!

1.  Newton, MA

Newton is number one for a reason.  Here you can meet someone rich, single – and famous.  Over 31 percent of Newton’s 84,655 residents are single, and the median family income is over $145,000.  Matt Damon and Amy Poehler are both from Newton, so catch your future celebrity in this quaint suburb of Boston.

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