Buyers Prefer Custom Homes and Condos Over Standard Options

Basic Home Designs Lose Favor with Upscale Buyers

Developers have begun to take notice that more and more buyers are expressing interest in home and condo designs that reflect their own particular taste.  The trend seems most noticeable in upscale neighborhoods where people have the money to spend on details that can make living space stand out.  Attention to details such as moldings can make the difference between a house selling quickly or languishing on the market.
Builders of new homes are adapting to these circumstances by offering potential buyers contracts that will allow them to include their own personal design elements into a home during the construction phase.  In this fashion, they can meet with a team of craftsmen who can help them select exactly what they want in the way of molding or other custom features.
Existing structures are not being left out in this effort to satisfy individual preferences.  Owners of vintage properties are now making the effort to preserve such quirky items as old fashioned mail chutes as a means to differentiate their units from run of the mill designs.  They are coming to understand that even in large multi unit condo towers, it can be important to distinguish one unit from another by more than just the number on the front door or the floor the unit is on.  Many people will want their unit to be different from the one next door or the one above or below them.

People Get New Idea During Their Housing Search

When people begin looking for houses or condos to buy, there is often one particular item or detail of a unit that they fall in love with.  They may pass on the property because it is unsuitable for any number of reasons, but they would like to see that exact same detail in another place.  They will think that “this place would be perfect if only it had that lovely crown molding that other place had.”  Developers understand this and realize how important satisfying that desire can be to making a sale.
Folks who work with an architect to fashion their own places have the most freedom in this regard.  Design firms in this field are reporting that clients are now starting to show them pictures of the sort of bathrooms they want that they took with a cell phone while staying at a hotel some place.  If they saw the bathroom as gorgeous and one they would want to have, they will store several shots of it and then give them to the architect who will have subject models to work from.

Reworking Floor Plans Individualizes a Place

Builders of large scale developments have long offered customers a variety of floor plans to select from.  Now they are going a step further by letting them redesignate rooms within a specified floor plan.  For instance, if a unit show a certain space will serve as a den, they can make certain changes that would convert the space into a library by lining the walls with built in book shelves.

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