Using Brick Pavers to Create an Elegant Look


Timeless Look with Modern Designs

Many of the most beautiful mansions ever built were constructed with bricks.  The material has always denoted durability and strength in the structures that use it.  Brick pavers will lend that same sense of permanence and elegance in other areas where they are used.  A drab driveway can become a stylish motor court through the use of brick.  A mundane patio can be upgraded to an enticing outdoor room when concrete is replaced by brick pavers,
Brick is one of the oldest building materials known.  It is fire proof, resistant to wear, and largely impervious to damage from weather and pests.  If a building is hundreds of years old, it will likely have been built using bricks, and yet it will look about the same as when it was new.  Brick pavers are beloved by realtors who recognize the added value they bring to a home.  They will be sure to make mention of the material in the ads they use to sell the house.
Brick pavers have high thermal mass meaning they hold heat well and release it slowly.  This makes them especially good choices for outdoor dining areas.  As the evening chill descends during dinner, guests will be warmed by the radiant heat.  This will also come as comfort around the pool where people can lounge around soaking up the sun in their swimsuits.  They may be wet, but they will still be warm.

Simple to Maintain the Good Looks

Brick pavers are virtually maintenance free.  They do not rot and decay the way that wood will.  This makes them an especially good choice for walkways through gardens and other planted areas that are subjected to frequent watering.  The bricks will also form a barrier against which plants may not encroach providing a clear delineation between path and plant zones.
Brick pavers can absorb a tremendous amount of weight making them suitable for driveways and motor courts.  They do not require mortar if properly set.  Instead they will compact themselves together over time becoming more interlocked through the years.  This makes them relatively easy to work with and no special skill is needed to put them in place.
The colors of brick pavers are permanent because the hue is contained in the clay and shale basics that are suffused evenly throughout the material.  They can be set in such popular patterns as herring bone where adjacent rows slant in opposite directions or more intricate designs such as basket weaves where rows intertwine.  Different sorts of pavers can be interspersed to create wholly original designs.
Should brick pavers become chipped or otherwise damaged, they can easily be replaced.  There is no need to worry that the new ones won’t match since the color and size remained fixed.
There are now specialized sorts of brick pavers that allow water to seep though around joints.  These allow them to be set near the base of trees.  The roots can thus receive the moisture they need while they are surrounded by the beauty of brick.

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