Make Your Own Beautiful Patio Fountain

You can turn even the tiniest patio into a peaceful oasis by creating your own beautiful patio fountain.  The tinkling sound of running water invokes a sense of relaxation, and invites the birds and the butterflies in to take a closer look.  Even if you have a small deck, patio or balcony you can have the sound of running water by creating your own water fountain.  Sound hard?  It isn’t.  By following the steps below you can turn your patio – large or small – into a peaceful retreat.

Great water features for small spaces

You can have a great water fountain even if you have a small space by creating a tabletop or a wall-hanging fountain.  All you need are a base container, a water pump, tubing to carry the water to a certain height so that it falls back into the base container, and something to hold that tubing in place.
You can use any non-porous container for your fountain.  Let your imagination be your guide.  Choose a fountain that will fit well into your overall patio garden design.  You can choose unique containers like a small, hollow log lined with plastic or a decorative bowl.  Avoid clear glass or plastic as it will allow you to see the water pump.
Flexible copper tubing or hollow bamboo cut from larger poles can disguise your water tube.  You can let your water fall into the container with a splash, or let it run a course through a series of small containers held together with copper wire.  All of the materials can be easily found at your local garden center or home improvement store.  Follow the instructions that come with the submersible water pump to help assemble the fountain.

Free standing water features for larger spaces

Free standing patio fountains should be constructed in a permanent location as even medium-sized containers become heavy once filled with water.  You garden center will have a wide variety of sturdy containers to support a free standing patio fountain including planters and birdbaths.  You can also check your local home improvement store and even online for more options like old fashioned galvanized washtubs or livestock feed bins.  You can even use flower pots, terracotta roof tiles or pieces of a chimney flue to make a beautiful and unique course for you water to flow through.
Free standing water fountains will require additional support.  You can use the base from a floor lamp with the wiring removed or even a coat rack as the foundation from which to build your waterfall cascade.

Add interest with aquatic plants

You water fountain can become a tranquil garden with the addition of aquatic plants.  A base container of at least one gallon can support a plant such as a water lily or lotus flower.  Larger containers can contain more decorative aquatic plants or even edibles such as watercress.  To ensure that bits of dirt or leaves don’t clog your water pump, tie the cut-off toe of pantyhose over the intake valve.
With just a little bit of time and imagination, you can create a tranquil water feature for your patio garden that will have you relaxing to the sounds of running water in no time!

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