Balloon & Biplane Adventure by California Dreamin' Near Rancho Santa Fe

California Dreamin’ is a licensed company that offers flying Hot Air Balloons, and for more than 35 years, this company has provided people with so many memories that could not be erased. In fact, they have been voted as the Small Business of the Year by the California Small Business Asscociation.

California Dreamin’ in Temecula Valley

And this year, California Dreamin’ plans another exciting event, a harvest celebration. This will take place at the Temecula Wine Country. There is surely nothing better than being in Temecula Valley during the fall season, where hot air balloons come flying in the sky. The vineyards of this place are ripe for harvest, all showing the beautiful and vivid colors of fall. The majestic mountain in the area also adds drama to the said event. The California Dreamin’ hot air balloon experience will be featured in the Sunset Magazine, showing every intricate detail.

What to Expect for the Event

Anyone can join the Temecula Wine County Harvest Celebration. Here are some of the important details of the event.

  • All guests are offered with complementary 2 for 1 wine tasting tickets to South Coast Winery and the Vindemia Winery. The latter just received the July 2012 Gold Medal for the 2012 Wine Competition.
  • Of course, there is an exceptional Hot Air Balloon ride, just make sure that you don’t drink too much of the delicious wines in Temecula. California Dreamin’ gives the finest balloon ride experience, with the highest standards of commercial service.

Why Ride a Hot Air Balloon with California Dreamin’?

In life, we have so many things to do and most of us want to accomplish goals and dreams. In between, everyone needs to experience the thrill of a lifetime, a memory that cannot be compared with all the details in one’s life. California Dreamin’ hot air balloon experience offers exactly that. Who wouldn’t want this kind of experience on their “Bucket List”? Start your very own list today and the number one item on that list should be the hot air balloon ride, or perhaps the Biplane ride provided by California Dreamin’. Once you have experienced either, you can say that your life is already well spent, there is no doubt about that.
A hot air balloon ride is not an ordinary ride. Everyone longs to ride one when the day comes. It can either be to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a time with friends and family, or just to do a harvest celebration, like the event that will happen in Temecula Valley. Be one with the birds in the sky as you fly away with a perfect hot air balloon.
During the Harvest Celebration, the California Dreamin’ will be featuring a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Wine Country of Temecula, and also a sunset flight over the Coastal Valley in Del Mar, both located in Southern California. As for the Biplanes during the said event, these will fly over the Wine Country, a perfect way to spend a romantic date with a lover or a friend.

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