Back Home in Paradise

Just returned to Fairbanks Ranch (Rancho Santa Fe) from a trip to Boston, MA and Portsmouth, RI.  Loved getting that “east coast vibe” and reconnecting with relatives.  Boston is as exciting and alive with historical significance as ever–even went to a Red Sox game.  Gotta love Fenway Park!  And Trinity Church is as inspiring as it gets.  Down in Little Rhodey, the visiting with relatives was nonstop, especially because of the “reason” for the trip:  a wedding!  All was pretty magical and loved every moment.   BUT, there is no place like Rancho Santa Fe!!!  No east coast humidity,  no bugs, no zigzagging  temperatures, no rain.  (I am always amazed that east coast residents stay on the east coast.)
I am so grateful  and  appreciative for my decision to move from RI to Rancho Santa Fe/Fairbanks Ranch.  Paradise Found.

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