Auction in Fairbanks Ranch

photoAuctions have been prevalent in our local Real Estate market for some time now but they have just recently entered the high end, luxury estate inventory.  This picture is from a home behind the south gate of Fairbanks Ranch, where a Live Auction was held  this past Saturday.
It’s a buyer’s market. The real estate market today is difficult, and many areas are flooded with properties for sale—often several for sale on the same street. What are your choices if you are a Seller and you’re motivated to sell, but you’re not desperate, and you certainly don’t want to “give” your property away.
Auctioning your property is one solution. Your property sells “as-is” at the true market value, on a guaranteed sale date, with multiple pre-qualified buyers competing to buy your property. And you’re assured of a 30-60 day closing with no contingencies.
What’s the best thing about buying at an auction if you are the Buyer?  You’re in control. You name your price—no haggling or negotiating. Show up on the purchase date, pre-qualified with your deposit, and you walk out with a home—if you’re the highest bidder. It’s that easy. The one caveat to all of this, however,  is the Seller’s Reserve.  This is the sale price the Seller will not go below, and if no buyer meets that price, the Seller has the option to not sell.
Before the start of the auction, every bidder must decide how much a property is worth, and how much they are willing to pay. All certified auctions encourage prospective buyers to inspect the property and review all materials and disclosures. Auction personnel are committed to providing comprehensive information that empowers buyers to bid confidently.
To learn more about real estate auctions call 858-756-0593.

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