Amazing Open Air Homes You Won't Believe!

Nowadays, there are numerous homeowners who opt for wide-open spaces, large glass surfaces and fewer walls for their properties. By doing this, they merge their backyard with the living room and they create more space and allow for more light to get into the house. Home buyers are looking to get the best views possible and want to benefit from everything the environment has to offer. At the same time, small homes with an open-air living area can look airy, spacious and much more inviting.
Glass Pavilion, Santa Barbara, California
These days, finding an open-air house is easier than ever. Let us have a closer look at the Glass Pavilion situated in California, Santa Barbara. The property has large crystal clear walls that make it extremely bright. The house costs more than $13 million and it’s situated on an oak grove; thus, nobody will be able to take a peak inside the house.
Mountain View Home, Park City, Utah
Park City in Utah has its own open-air dwelling. It’s called Mountain View Home and it measures 9,000 square feet. It is covered in glass and offers stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. During the summer, the living room and the room upstairs can be opened creating a feeling of liberty and hugeness.
Bamboo House, Guanacoste, Costa Rica
If you’re looking for something vintage and picturesque, you can check out the Bamboo House located in Costa Rica, Guanacoste. The property is situated next to a forest and it looks very much like a jungle house. Still, it is incredibly modern and luxurious. The bedroom space, the living area and the kitchen are linked with an internal garden. Also, the tin roofs and the open-air structure offer protection against the sun and natural ventilation.
House Na, Tokyo, Japan
House Na in Japan, Tokyo, may be considered a bit strange. It is situated on a narrow street and it’s surrounded only by traditional buildings, so its residents might lack privacy. On the other hand, it receives a lot of natural light and it has a unique structure. The building is made of glass and has a minimalist design. It is basically a continuous space composed of glass, small platforms and staircases.
Leaf House, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro in Brazil features one of the most extraordinary open-air houses. One of them is called the Leaf House and it has the shape of a flower. This beach property was designed by architect Rafael Palatano and it has a roof made of eucalyptus wood. The house also has numerous sliding glass doors that provide passive cooling and natural ventilation. From every corner of the property you can see the beautiful landscape that surrounds the estate. Another interesting thing about the Leaf House is the swimming pool that passes through the dining room and discharges into a pond with fish and aquatic plants.
Box House, Amagansett, New York
Last but not least, we have to mention the Box House in New York, Amagansett. It features sliding glass doors and it provides extraordinary views of the bay and the ocean. The center section of the structure can be opened during the warm days. It overlooks a large pool and you can also admire the ocean.

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